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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"butterfly tattoo designs"

The Appeal of a Butterfly Tattoo Design

A butterfly tattoo design is probably the most unique designs and appeals to people spanning various ages and also backgrounds. Butterfly skin image designs are extremely popular and may reveal many things for instance internal elegance, innocence or a mark of new existence. Making the decision to have a tattoo regardless of whether it is a butterfly tattoo can be challenging seeing that there are many different patterns and styles. Some people decide to have a tattoo based on deeply personal motives.

As well as a mark for brand new life, innocence and elegance a butterfly tattoo design can characterize various elements such as serenity, harmony and kindness. Butterflies are generally gentle, delicate wildlife many feel they are responsible for looking over all other creatures' inhabitant on our planet. Most of the ancient civilizations believe that butterflies are usually icons of the human spirit. Throughout Chinese and Japanese civilizations, butterflies tend to be thought to provide everlasting happiness and also carries a mark of fulfillment. A number of societies around the globe hold visions of butterflies and experts believe it is certainly these types of visions that happen to be accountable regarding the creation of fairy myths.

Where to possess a butterfly tattoo design?

The shoulder blade is one of the preferred areas to have a butterfly tattoo however I have also seen lots of people with them on their tummy as well as the lower back. Currently individuals are getting tattoos in just about all different types of areas on themselves, an individual's wrist, feet in addition to just above the ankle are also turning into a frequent location to get a tattoo. In most cases people today undoubtedly know where they want their own tattoo prior to choosing what tattoo they are going to have.

Why decide on a butterfly tattoo design?

As Butterflies carry lots of meanings there are a wide variety of reasons why many decide to have a butterfly tattoo design. Several have them to symbolize a loved one abruptly lost in an accident or due to an health problem and can in most cases have their initials located in as well as around the design. Like with countless nationalities it is a memory of their beloved free spirit which was taken so early and a sign of their elegance in existence. Countless classic depictions of a butterfly tattoo design are widely-used employing several colorations however you may wish to include as many as you want.

There are many different versions of fine detail in butterfly tattoo designs and this is dependent upon the type of person having it. Several decide to possess a descriptive design showing numerous colors and individual tones even though many people simply would rather have an outline of the butterfly together with an additional design incorporated into it. Quite a few elect to have big wings and several will have small wings.

When choosing to own a butterfly tattoo design it can be very hard to decide as there are many designs on the market from which to choose. You may personalize another style and design in order to reach your personal preference. Once you have determined your particular design, I am certain it's going to be for your own meaning and factors which have been personal to yourself.

Butterfly tattoo designs are some of the most popular tattoos, as well as some of the most beautiful designs. Although more women than men choose butterfly tattoos, some men have them as well. Butterfly tattoo designs can range anywhere from looking like natural butterflies to stylized fantasy or tribal style butterflies. The vast assortment of butterfly tattoo designs means that no matter what your personal taste or your reason for wanting a tattoo you can likely find a design that you love.

The butterfly itself is a beautiful creature, displaying perfect symmetry, astounding colors, beautiful shapes and a light, airy motion. Capturing the natural beauty of a butterfly in a tattoo can result in some of the most beautiful tattoo designs that overflow with warmth, richness and color.

If you look deeper than just the outside appearance of a butterfly you will find deep, symbolic meaning. Butterflies mean many different things to different cultures, though everything they are associated with is positive and uplifting.

Most commonly butterflies are used to symbolize change or transformation. Just as the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, a butterfly tattoo can symbolize a personal transformation in your life or a change that you are undertaking. Many people who choose butterfly tattoos choose them because they symbolize a new life or new beginning. It may be that you have started a new phase of your life, or left an old one behind. Personal change or transformation can have a life altering impact and you may want to capture it and honor it with a butterfly tattoo.

Even with the symbolism that is often attached to butterflies, sometimes a butterfly tattoo is just a butterfly tattoo and doesn't have any underlying meaning for the person who got it. Appreciating the beauty of the art without needing to assign meaning to it is absolutely fine. Sometimes the beauty of the design itself is what holds meaning for us.

As with any tattoo, the most important thing in deciding to get a butterfly tattoo is that you love the design that you have chosen and that it holds a special meaning for you - whether that meaning is deep and profound or whether it is just that you think it is beautiful and want to showcase the artwork on your body. As long as when you look in the mirror and see your tattoo it makes you smile then you will know you have made the right choice. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of your tattoo - what matters is that it makes you happy.

Butterfly tattoos are the most popular designs requested by women because they beautiful, they can be located almost anywhere on the body, and they have many, many meanings.

Butterfly Tattoo Design

There are around 28,000 known species of butterfly. Therefore, the shape and color that are available for the design are almost endless, enabling quite stunning colors to be used. The design can also be abstract, using just the shape of the butterfly to combine with other designs, such as a tigers face, flowers or angels. The options really are endless. The style of tattoo can also vary. You may love tribal designs, so could get a tribal butterfly in black and white with traditional jagged edges, providing a striking image. If you like Celtic designs you may go that way, or even get a cartoon version.

Butterfly Tattoo Meanings

Over the ages, many meanings have been associated with the beautiful butterfly. They start life as a less than attractive caterpillar, disappear in a cocoon, transform, and emerge as a beautiful butterfly. Therefore they signify change and evolution, so this is a popular tattoo design for people who want to mark a stage in their lives where they have evolved, or gone through some personal change. The tattoo signifies the start of a new beginning.

Another meaning many people attribute to the tattoo is freedom, which is portrayed by the wings. Wings symbolize the ability to rise above problems, having a free spirit, being uplifted and being care-free. What a great feeling!

Cultures have attributed the change of the caterpillar to the butterfly to the coming of age, and the evolution of people from one stage of their lives to another. Some cultures believe the butterfly is the soul of the dead coming back to earth. Some believe the sighting of a butterfly means there will soon be a birth. Butterflies have also been associated with strength and leaders. For example, the Roman leader, Augustus, used the butterfly as his symbol. You can attribute what ever you feel is important to you, at this point in your life, to your tattoo design.

Location for this Design

The butterfly tattoo is very popular because it looks good as a small tattoo, unlike many other designs that are too intricate to reduce too much, without distortion. Due to the fact that the design can be small and still look good, the butterfly can be located almost anywhere on your body. That's great if you want a discreet tattoo just for you and someone special. Show it when you want. You are in control. The most popular locations for this tat are on the shoulder, lower back, front hip, around the belly button and on the ankle.

The hardest part of getting a tat, in particular a butterfly tattoo, is choosing a design. Check out the free designs on the net to get some ideas, but be careful because these designs are low quality, and many people have access to these free designs. For example, over 3,600 searches are made each day for butterfly tattoos, so you can image how many people have the same design! As they say, you get what you pay for. Another option is to pick up a tattoo gallery that offers you thousands of top quality tattoos to choose from. When I was searching for my tat, I reviewed many free and paid sites. To save you time and more importantly money, I have reviewed the best three sites that are out there, for you.

Tattoos are becoming more and more popular throughout the world, and even more so in the United States and Europe. The hottest celebrities are now seen sporting the latest and trendiest tattoos. In fact, the trend seems to be toward more tattoos, not fewer.

There are countless types of tattoos, and there is no need to fret when trying to decide on the best design for you. Among the most popular modern designs are the butterfly tattoo designs, dragons, tribal patterns, crosses, henna instead of ink, and other designs related to religion - there is a nearly endless supply of potential designs.

Butterflies have been in vogue for a very long time. The beautiful butterfly has adorned all manner of purses, clothes, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and many other things. The key to making you stand out among the crowd is the bright colors that butterfly designs feature. Tattoos of butterflies take advantage of this large color palette in order to create eye-popping designs. However, there are so many butterfly tattoo designs to choose from that you may find yourself confused.

Several of the most popular butterfly designs include tribal-style, fairy, and even Irish-Celtic designs that are often seen on the small of the back. The tribal-style butterfly designs derive from the art of many tribes from all over the world. Some of this art comes from the British Isles, especially Ireland and also Scotland and can come from places as remote as Borneo. The butterfly has long been associated in the popular mind with the fairy.

Often, representations of fairies include wings that resemble those of the butterfly; the opposite is also often true. This beautiful insect can also be thought to stand as a representative of variegated nature herself. Therefore, such butterfly tattoo designs are very popular among contemporary men and women. Butterfly tattoo designs are especially dear to women. Among females, butterfly tattoo designs tend to be the most popular. They appear in a large variety of styles from simple two-color designs to those featuring many colors.

Typically, such tattoos are found on either the shoulder or the arm; this is the same regardless of whether or not the tattoo will be permanent. Some more outgoing and brave people even have butterflies tattooed above the foot or just below the back of the head where the procedure can be very painful.

Butterfly tattoos act, for many people, as a creative outlet wherein the shapes and colors are a method of self-expression. Butterfly tattoo designs form a portion of the marriage between nature, fashion, and artistic expression. Butterflies are commonly used by popular and successful artists as an important design element. From temporary stickers to long-lasting ink tattoos and other forms of body art, tattoo artists enjoy experimenting with the shapes and hues of butterflies.

Temporary tattoos and body art will only last for a limited number of days; some can be removed using paint thinner, and others require only soapy water. Body art is very temporary, and because of this there is more potential for variety in the design.

One of the most common tattoo designs among women all around the world are butterfly tattoo designs. These designs are very flexible and they can be used to create unique butterfly designs in a variety of different ways. The butterfly is known to be one of the most beautiful creatures in the natural world and the meaning it holds can vary from one person to the next. Most professional tattoo studios carry a wide range of butterfly tattoo designs with each one easily modifiable into the unique design that you desire.

In many cultures the butterfly represents beauty and renewed life and it is the butterfly's life cycle that is commonly used to symbolize a woman's transformation from a child to a creature of beauty and renewed life. This is the main reason why butterfly designs are so popular with women. Most of the butterfly designs contain a large amount of detail which allows the attractive nature and intricate details of the design the ability to match the loveliness of butterflies that can commonly be found in the wild.

Common Varieties of Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly designs can easily be customised to suit the tastes of the wearer by using a variety of different methods. Since the wings are commonly the focus of the butterfly tattoo design, the wings are usually designed using a unique pattern that holds meaning to the person. The pattern that is placed on the wings can modified in any way the person wants. A butterfly tat design pattern can include symbols, initials or even small zodiac signs, in order to make it completely unique to the person who will be wearing it.

In this article I will tell you some of the amazing myths and legends that have been told over time about the beautiful butterfly, and hopefully, give you some good ideas along the way for your butterfly tattoo design.

Butterfly tattoo designs look good on the ankle, wrist, arm, etc, and look even better I think in full arm tattoo design, or say down one side of your back, following the contours of your body shape.

Another great idea is combining a full arm butterfly and lotus flower tattoo design together, how fantastic would that design look with so many brilliant colours to choose from.

Butterfly love tattoos are also popular, such as putting your loved one's name (as I did with my daughter's) beneath the butterfly tattoo.

Now I liked to share with you some of the stories that have been handed down through the ages surrounding this beautiful gift of nature. I think it's safe to say pretty much everybody loves butterflies, and if you have experienced butterflies up close in all their fabulous colours then you will know like me, how something so small and silent can evoke such strong emotions.

But there was a time you know when the site of a butterfly stirred up other, not so nice emotions. For example, in the Middle Ages a large number of butterflies together were seen as a forecast of epidemics or wars (not a good idea for a tattoo).

And the Celtic people believed seeing a butterfly at night was a prediction of death to follow. In Bulgaria, the sight of a dark coloured butterfly meant sickness was soon to follow, while in other parts of Europe this same butterfly was an omen of thunderstorms to come.

In some parts of the USA a white butterfly meant an omen of death if it entered your house and flew around you, while in other parts a white butterfly in your signified a pending wedding. To those recently divorced both examples apply.

While the Samoans believed they would be struck dead if they killed or caught a butterfly. In the Middle Ages in Ireland killing a white butterfly was forbidden as they believed it was the soul of a dead child.

In Scotland it is unlucky to keep or kill butterflies. In England it is unlucky to kill the first butterfly you see, and it is a bad omen to see 3 butterflies together.

Of course we now look at the butterfly with different eyes and it is said the first sighting of a red butterfly is an omen of good health.

In many myths and legends butterflies are considered to be human souls. If you read my article on fairies you will see they were also accredited with being human souls, but the butterfly myth is believed to have begun through stories related to the different stages of the butterfly's life cycle.

In stage one the caterpillar spends its time totally engrossed in eating, this stage is compared to our physical stage of life where, like the butterfly, we eat and keep moving. In stage two the cocoon represents the cloth people were wrapped in after death, and the final stage is the emergence of the butterfly, as Jesus left the shroud behind, the butterfly represents the resurrection into a new state of life, free of any material worry.

Another lovely story is that the creator of all things created the butterflies from all of the colours of nature just for children to enjoy, and the butterflies not only looked beautiful, but also had beautiful singing voices. But many of the birds were jealous and complained so the creator withdrew their ability to sing and have remained silent since.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

"fernando torres tattoo"

If there's one thing that tattoo enthusiasts hate about the tattoo industry, it is the inclination to the trends set forth by celebrities. Not that it's wrong to emulate their custom tattoo designs: but there are some people who think that just because celebrity X has a hot Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her thigh, getting that same tattoo on their thighs too will make them as gorgeous as their idol. As a result, there is no room for any creativity when a designer has to create a tattoo design for the client.

Today, people want to sport tattoos that look and feel different for the usual ones. They want designs that reflect who they truly are, what their typical personality traits are they also want to use their tattoos to signify an important event or a person very close to their heart.

Here are five hot custom tattoo trends that are sure to give you that "edge" that you have been looking for in a tattoo.

Japanese Tattoo designs - Hello Kitty doesn't qualify as a Japanese tattoo, nor are Dragon Ball and Samurai Ninja Gaiden characters considered to be Japanese designs. What we are talking about here are Japanese letters. For example; Janet Jackson has a few Japanese tattoos in her wrist and belly. The one in her belly reads "discipline" while the one on her wrist reads "respect and equality". Since Janet Jackson is a gay rights activist, she sure knows what she's talking about when she had imprinted what she's fighting for in her carpal tunnels.

Japanese characters are perfect for getting the values you believe in get alive in your skin. Through various custom tattoo sites, you may have tattoo designers modify the characters to be soft and feminine or bold and masculine.

Tribal - The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word tribal is the tribal dance. You can envision loud thumping noise along with wide and bold movements from the dancers garbed with tropical leaves and twigs while dancing around a bonfire.

Tribal tattoos have sharp edges, making them perfect for the nape and lower back. By creating a tribal tattoo design contest via any custom tattoo design site, you can receive hundreds of tribal tattoo interpretations based on your tattoo idea and personal preferences.

Celtic - Celtic tattoos are of European origin. These tattoos are usually composed of bold swirls and curls. Famous Celtic tattoo designs include armbands, clovers, and cross designs. If you would like to get hundreds of different take on your Celtic designs, just log on to any design contest site and create a design contest. Prize money awaits the tattoo designer's entry that is finally chosen as the winning design.

Hawaiian - Hawaiian tattoo designs are Polynesian in origin. Such tattoo art is composed of very heavy and intricate knot work. Only a few tattoo designers can execute Hawaiian designs perfectly.

Custom tattoo sites have hundreds of tattoo designers who can handle any Hawaiian knot work design. Hawaiian tattoo art for the female is expressed in various flower designs. Since Hawaii is the main source of almost all tropical flowers exported from the US, it is just fitting that Hawaiian women love imprinting flowers on their skins.

Butterfly - This colorful creature has an international appeal to it. There are also males who would like to get a butterfly's image tattooed on their skins. Despite its charm, butterfly tattoos have been so very common that such design doesn't attract that much attention anymore.

Log on to the custom tattoo site of your choice and create a contest for the best butterfly tattoo. Try and provide the designers with unique ideas that can be incorporate into the design to make it more personalized and different. For example; an alphabet or a date that holds a special place in your life. In just two weeks, you will be able to view hundreds of butterfly tattoo interpretations. You will surely find one butterfly custom tattoo design that will stand out from the rest.

Hosting a tattoo design contest is a great way for any tattoo enthusiast to get some of the best and original designs. When you plan to start a contest, you should provide some specifications about the design in terms of its size and color scheme. If you want the design to convey a certain feeling or meaning, specify that as well, so that the participating designers can start working based on your details.

Tattoo design contests give you the opportunity to have as many custom designs as you want to choose from at a very competitive price. This is the biggest advantage since custom tattoos are very expensive as compared to the regular designs offered by the tattoo studios. Also, by hosting a contest you get the tattoo stencil for the design finally chosen by you and as soon as you make the payment for it, it becomes your property. You therefore become the owner of a one of a kind tattoo design that you can flaunt on your skin or use for other business purposes.

An effective way to get a good response to your tattoo design contests to post it on the internet on your own website. This way a large number of tattoo designers will get to see it and will register for it. Most designers are on a lookout for contests on the internet to find a platform where they can display their work and get recognition in their field. For them, it is also a way to earn good money and know the works of some well-known and recognized artists.

Many websites encourage such contests at their portal so that they can avail the services of these artists. They host contests and invite tattoo designers to participate by registering themselves with them or by placing banners at various strategic points in local areas. People who come to them for finding various types of tattoos often get attracted to these competitions. While interacting with the tattoo designers, they come across unique designs and most often than not end up ordering one for themselves.

An individual only holds such contests if it is going to benefit him in some way or if he is looking for an exclusive tattoo for himself. The fact remains that the best designs are only created by talented designers in such contests and for this, it is imperative to get the word around to the right kind of tattoo artists.

If the website who is hosting a tattoo design contest is interested in advertising client's new business venture, he or she could also put out a press release in website's newsletters and also on the radio. If the contest holder permits the radio station to offer an award on air, there will be a lot more participants willing to go for it as this will give them a huge amount of publicity too.

attoo design contests are gaining huge popularity among tattoo enthusiasts these days with the rising trend of flaunting custom tattoo designs. Celebrities from the sports worlds, fashion industry and Hollywood are coming up with tattoos that display their success, despair, budding relationships and even break ups are fast catching people's eyes. This has led to a healthy competition between tattoo artists as they are getting requests to create designs that are unique to an individual's taste but also in line with the latest tattoo trend.

Not only are such competitions convenient means to discover fresh and unique custom tattoo designs, they also serve as a platform for the tattoo designers to showcase their talent and earn good money. If you are a tattoo artist who engages in such online challenges, take into consideration these five tips to keep you ahead in online tattoo competitions.

Stay creative - Just because the idea is not originally yours, it doesn't give you the right to dish out unoriginal artwork. The people who set up tattoo design contests know their stuff, and believe me, they know the meaning of the word "unoriginal art". Don't just join an online contest for the sake of monetary gain. You are a tattoo designer because you love what you do and you are good at your chosen field. Don't let greed and love of money ruin your artistic expression.

Stick with the prize - This means never charge extra. Almost all custom tattoo sites have already become popular web destinations for tattoo design contests. Contest creators may stipulate prize money from 35$ to 500$. Winning $35 by submitting a custom tattoo design is a pretty decent amount. Whatever amount you win, never ask for more.

Be knowledgeable with different tattoo styles - As a tattoo artist, you should hold yourself responsible for training yourself in various tattoo forms such as Celtic and Tribal. If you're only good at making butterfly impressions why not expand your expertise by training with other zoomorphic designs. Moving away from your comfort zone will allow you to evolve into a much better artist.

Be open to online criticisms - The person who created the online challenge is free to leave comments about the piece you have uploaded. If you don't like what he said, don't get your war face on and engage in an online testimonial battle against the person who has the power to give you the prize. Take all criticisms constructively. These guys are not talking about your personal life, they are commenting about your artwork. So to win a tattoo design competition, you need to stay humble.

Stay connected with the person who chose your design - If ever you got to be chosen among the hundreds of entries; do not congratulate yourself too much. That same person who chose you as the winner might hold another online tattoo contest in the future. Instead of pulling a "now you know me now you don't" act, stay connected with the person who spearheaded the contest. Follow up on him after having your tattoo imprinted on his skin. Who knows, he might choose you again on his next contest after recalling how sincere you have been in dealing with him post-competition.

As tattoos become more and more popular, there are newer concepts like tattoo design contests that are gaining a lot of momentum. There are many contests that are held both offline and online. These contests are aimed at attracting interested and budding tattoo artists who are looking for an opportunity to hone their skills in the area of tattoo designing. But there are some things that you should know about contests.

The most common questions that are asked about tattoo design contests are discussed below.

1. First and foremost, you should inquire about the organizers of design contests. It could be an individual wanting a custom design or a third party seeking designs for its client. There are many online forums that hold these contests at regular intervals.

You must inquire about the organization's credentials and their past record of holding contests. This will tell you about the kind of money that the contest holder offers, promptness with which the payment is made and whether the amount paid is same as promised at the start of contest.

Only after you have gathered enough information about the organizing portal, you should progress further.

2. The second most common question asked by the participants is about the prize money offered by the tattoo design contest holders. You should know if the rewards proposed by the organizers add value to your profile as a tattoo artist or not and if the money is worth the effort in creating the design asked for.

Most of the time winning a tattoo design contest means a new feather in your cap as a tattoo artist, and a contract in some form that will help you progress professionally. Another common form of prize is a cash prize or gift vouchers. These are the explicit benefits of winning a design competition, but you can take the advantage of many implicit ones too, offered by the contest holders if you are taking part in an online tattoo design contest. Since it is occurring online, there will be hundreds of people all around the world who will see and appraise your creation.

3. Next, you should ask about the rules, regulations and modus operandi that a tattoo design contest follows. You should be well versed with those in order to perform well. If there is a particular theme, try to get a basic idea about it to be in sync with the contest holder's expectations from the design. The terms and conditions of our tattoo design contests are generally easy to comprehend and follow.

4. You should also know whether the organizers are looking for participants with some professional experience and particular designing skills. This website holds contests that are mostly open to all, as they encourage creativity. Passion for the art is the most basic criteria which one should fulfill, if one wants to do well in a tattoo design contest.

Often people want to know if there are different types of tattoo design contests. The answer to that is yes. There are some contests where the client's choice is final. There are others where the winning design is selected by voting by the members of the site or the design that gets the highest bid and like that. In some other forms of competition only registered members may be allowed to participate.

However, in any type of contests, client specifications are the basis of a brilliant tattoo creation.

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